Sharron Evans

     Sharron has been playing her 1939 upright, double bass Kay for about 15 years. She played and toured in the busy bluegrass band Gift Horse for many years and was a member of the Utah Performing Arts Tour. She brings a bluesy and eclectic slant to the band with her choice of tunes and musical influences such as Tracy Chapman, Gillian Welch and Rose’s Pawn Shop. Sharron calls her playing style “rockabilly wanna-be” and she brings lead and harmony vocals to the mix. She has been a full-time artist for many years, painting contemporary visions of horses and equines in oil and her work can be seen in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Denver Colorado. She trains and rides horses and mules and is the owner of Mulita (Little Taco), her Blue Mountain Mule, which is a cross between a Percheron draft horse and Mammoth Jack donkey. Mules are well known for their endless energy, sure-footedness and power as well as their love for bluegrass music, thus our band name. She is married to Russ, the mandolin player in the band who is purported to be the father of their 3 daughters.